The SimplyPats Forum is No longer active - if you require Support for your Software, please see information below.

While the SimplyPats Forum has served its purpose effectively over the past few years, it is clear that new and existing customers are turning to other options when they need information or support for thier SimplyPats Software.


The Forum also served as a place for us to make any updates available for existing SimplyPats users in the form of a download link, but you had to be signed up and logged into the forum to access the link. In contrast, the latest update for SimplyPats Version 7 is available as a direct link under the "SimplyPats V7 UPDATES" header below via Google Drive. An alternative download link is also available from our main website on request via email if you prefer.


Email or phone will still be our preferred method of communication when dealing with support issues, so if you require support for your software, please get in touch via our support email address which can be found on the main SimplyPats Website or call us on the number above.

If you are looking to purchase Portable Appliance Testing Equipment, PAT Testing Software, or an upgrade to your existing SimplyPats PAT Testing Software, please head over to

SimplyPats Version 7 Update


Need to update your SimplyPats V7 software to the latest Version?


Existing SimplyPats V7 Users can download the latest update here.

Older Versions of SimplyPats


Any Version of SimplyPats or variant of SimplyPats prior to Version 7 are no longer supported. If you are interested in purchasing an upgrade to the latest Version, please visit

Portable Appliance Testing Equipment


SimplyPats PAT Testing Software, upgrades to the latest Version of SimplyPats and Portable Appliance Testing Equipment can now be purchased from our website.

Test n Tag - Australian and New Zealand specific forum area


If you are looking for a PAT Testing App that has support to download and upload data to and from SimplyPats V7 Downloading Edition or the cheaper SimplyPats V7 Manual Plus Edition software, then have a look at KEWPAT.


KEWPAT - Free Portable Appliance Testing App for iOS and Android


KEWPAT - Portable Appliance Testing App for iOS


KEWPAT - Portable Appliance Testing App for Android